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I 40 for 40, Flight 93 Memorial Fundraiser

                                                                        The 40 heroes of Flight 93!

I have a plan to raise money for the Flight 93 Memorial. DID YOU KNOW IT IS THE ONLY 9/11 MEMORIAL NOT FULLY FUNDED!  I am going to drive I 40 from Wilmington, NC to Barstow,  CA then to LA to Shanksville, PA and finishing in Charlotte, NC the goal is to get people to donate an amount per mile if you donate

1 cent per Mile                                     $25.55    
5 cents per mile                                    127.76
10 cents per mile                                  255.51
25 cents per mile                                  638.75
40 cents per mile                                  1,022.8

If we get schools to get students to bring a quarter dime and nickel to school we would take that as well.  40 cents a student adds up if it is just schools along I 40.  if corporations along I 40 donated 40 cents per employee. 


When preliminary run this Fall leaving NC on or near 11/11/11 and returning by 11/22/11. then an annual run leaving Wilmington, NC on my birthday  8/27 NOTE:  My birthday is the same birthday as the co pilot on Flight 93 

What: Annual Drive of the I 40 Route, 2555.1 miles

Why to Raise Awareness of the heroics of the passengers & crew of Flight 93. & help fund the Flight 93 National Memorial.   & raise funds for flight 93 Memorial.

Who I am going to drive it this fall by myself and next year I plan to get others to drive 40 people to drive 67 miles each!  


We can do this together! 

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What happened 12 days ago & What would a Quarter, Dime, & Nickle do?

That is the question what happened 12 days ago? We celebrated as a nation the 10 year Anniversary of September 11, 2001.  have you forgotten already?  If so why?  We need to keep those images from that day flowing and recognize the heroes of Flight 93 by finishing the funding of the Flight 93 memorial which I visited 12 days ago. 

This blog is meant to make people think that we should never forget what our veterans including me and the heroes aboard flight 93 have done for our country.  To me the passengers and crew aboard Flight 93 are Heroes in the truest sense. They chose to, after talking to their families, take action and sacrifice themselves the better of our country.  If they had just sat there how many congressmen and women &/or sentators would not be here today?  as the Capital building was one of the most talked about next targets.  How much more would our country have changed if that had happened?

Please forward this to your friends and tell them to do the same. 

if everyone on Facebook or everyone who witnessed the 2d plane hitting the world trade center on tv donated a quarter, dime, and nickle or 40 cents,  the Flight 93 memorial fund would be funded. Send your 40 cents to   

Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign
c/o National Park Foundation
1201 Eye St, NW, Suite 550B
Washington, DC 20005


Flight 93 Memorial
National Park Service
109 West Main Street, Suite 104
Somerset, PA 15501-2035

or you can donate online at:

For more information on 93 cents for flight 93 visit

An article about the billboard we put up in Shanksville, PA

New page on site

Matthew Hunt (@aroseofthanks) has shared a Tweet with you:  “aroseofthanks: Check out the new page on our website” –

Think big or go home.

Ok it has been 4+ years since I went to the post office on Valentines Day 2007 and sent out the first card.  Since then we have touched over 25000 troops lives and countless others who have signed or personalized our cards.  I am proud of what we have done so far but we can do bigger & better b/c we are smaller.  I was on the flight headed to a friends wedding this weekend.  Thinking about how we can grow bigger and generate revenue. 

Upcoming events

A Rose of Thanks has a few events coming up I wanted to let you know about.
1.  August 13 & 14 Concord Mills Mall for Woman’s show.
2.  August 26 – 28 Food Lion Auto Fair Charlotte Motor Speedway
3.  September 3. Chick-Fil-A Kick off Game Fan Zone! Atlanta, GA

Non profits to follow at Vans Warped Tour


Vans Warped Tour this week!

A Rose of Thanks will be out at the Vans Warped Tour on Wednesday in VAN Beach, VA & Thursday in Charlotte, NC.  If you are coming out stop by the non profit area & sign a card for our troops.  Follow us on Twitter @aroseofthanks! 

Fundraiser this Thursday

A Rose of Thanks is having a dinner fundraiser at Jason’s Deli from 4-10 pm.  3509 David Cox Rd Charlotte, NC.  Come Hungry Leave Healthier!  Also that day Vans Warped Tour is in Charlotte.  so all Warped Tour fans come out after the show! 

A Rose of Thanks 9/11 design


I drew the original with a book of stamps folded in half to draw the Twin Towers & my business card to draw Pentagon & Pennsylvania.  I had a friend clean it up.  I took this black & white outlined card to an event and this is how one person personalized it!  Amazing!

FTD – Roses

On Monday, January 1, 2007 – I called FTD after looking online for prices of roses and asked them for a quote for 250,000 roses 45 days out from Valentines Day.. the original idea was to send each troop in the gulf region a Rose and a Valentines Day card. The person at the other end of the phone was dead silent at the request. As I explained it was for the troops she said I should Set up a myspace page for it… so I did and I started on 01/01/07. It was A Rose of Thanks only website until August of that year!

Also on January 1st I found the official rose color that would represent A Rose of Thanks:

The Peach Rose = Thanks and Gratitude!