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Who are the Heroes of 9/11/01?



This billboard  is in Shanksville, PA on HWY 30 approximately 3 miles west of the main entrance of Flight 93 National Memorial. 

Who are the Heroes of 9/11/01?  That is left up to your definition of a hero.

Here are mine, they are not right, they are not wrong, these are my opinions:


My Heroes of 9/11 start with the news media people who brought this day to life, while doing their jobs on that bright sunny Tuesday morning in September of 2001.

I was in Detroit listening to Channel 95.5, Mojo in the morning.  I was at the Michigan Catholic Credit Union in the drive thru when they were describing the television  in their studio of a suspected commuter plane had just hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center,  when the female person of the team. let out a scream and an Oh my God, followed by a Holy Crap (it was beeped out) i think and said another plane just hit the other tower.  They saw it live and I saw it thru their eyes.  I heard the fear, which then turned to concern, anger, and who did this. Me I was like it is in NYC it has nothing to do with me.  I at the time was in the process of setting up a branch office of a mortgage company. I had appointments and meetings that day to get the business up and running.  The rest of the media members that day who did not go home until it seemed like 9pm or later. Major networks carried non stop coverage. 

There were other heroes that day and since… The 1st responders in NYC, including Firefighters, police officers, Port Authority police and countless ordinary people who helped a stranger down the stairs to safety, the people who kept everyone calm.  The volunteers that came from all over the country to assist in any way they could

The men and women defending our country at the Pentagon both military and civilian who died on 9/11 doing what they loved Keep America safe & leading the greatest military in the free world..

The Crew and passengers of Flight 93, who prevented it from reaching its alleged destination Washington DC. To the family members who talked to the passengers before they chose to sacrifice themselves to save others, no words can bring your friends and loved ones back. Thank you for them thinking of others before themselves they are the definition of a TRUE HERO!  


The FAA & air traffic Controllers who cleared the skies above the USA in less that 4 hours.  to the rental car employees who probably had everything in the book said to them as they ran our of cars for not going off and making it worse. 

The White House & NYC's Mayor's office for seeming so calm when I can only imagine the blood was boiling inside their veins. 

Since 9/11 our Heroes are still Fire Fighters & Police Officers, but now we have Military men, women & their families who have been true heroes over the last 10 yrs.  To those who served, Thank you To the families whose, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Marine, Sailor, Soldier,. Firefighter, EMS, or  Police Officer who lost a loved one during the last 10 years during their time on duty, THANK YOU!  To the families we do not hear about the ones whose family members come back from war or the events of 9/11 and commit suicide. Their service is still heroic  

To the inspirational people like Pat Tillman who gave up his career in the NFL and chose to serve with his brother in the Army, The USO who does its best to keep our troops morale up,

To Everyone inspired by the children of the last 10 years who set up non profits to make a difference in the lives of our troops…. like Brittany and Robbie Bergquist who set up Cell Phones for Soldier and Shauna Fleming who set up A Million thanks and has inspired millions to send letters and cards to our troops. The family members who saw a need and did something about it Marty Horn started as a way for people to connect with soldiers to send letters and care packages to. His son  was deployed and described how some guys & girls in his aunt were not getting mail., same thing for Kathleen Lewis.  who started sending care packages to her son and members of his unit that did not get them, her non profit is appropriately named Packages from Home to these non profits are making a difference in the lives of our troops, these are true heroes. 

To everyone who has written a letter, sent an email, or sent a care package to our troops you are a hero because it could be your letter that gives the person receiving it a morale boost to know that you support them and give them a brighter day.

What were you doing & where were you on  September 11, 2001? 

Do you have a Hero if so who is he/she & why?

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Think big or go home.

Ok it has been 4+ years since I went to the post office on Valentines Day 2007 and sent out the first card.  Since then we have touched over 25000 troops lives and countless others who have signed or personalized our cards.  I am proud of what we have done so far but we can do bigger & better b/c we are smaller.  I was on the flight headed to a friends wedding this weekend.  Thinking about how we can grow bigger and generate revenue. 

Upcoming events

A Rose of Thanks has a few events coming up I wanted to let you know about.
1.  August 13 & 14 Concord Mills Mall for Woman’s show.
2.  August 26 – 28 Food Lion Auto Fair Charlotte Motor Speedway
3.  September 3. Chick-Fil-A Kick off Game Fan Zone! Atlanta, GA

Non profits to follow at Vans Warped Tour


Vans Warped Tour this week!

A Rose of Thanks will be out at the Vans Warped Tour on Wednesday in VAN Beach, VA & Thursday in Charlotte, NC.  If you are coming out stop by the non profit area & sign a card for our troops.  Follow us on Twitter @aroseofthanks! 

Fundraiser this Thursday

A Rose of Thanks is having a dinner fundraiser at Jason’s Deli from 4-10 pm.  3509 David Cox Rd Charlotte, NC.  Come Hungry Leave Healthier!  Also that day Vans Warped Tour is in Charlotte.  so all Warped Tour fans come out after the show! 

A Rose of Thanks 9/11 design


I drew the original with a book of stamps folded in half to draw the Twin Towers & my business card to draw Pentagon & Pennsylvania.  I had a friend clean it up.  I took this black & white outlined card to an event and this is how one person personalized it!  Amazing!

My Birthday Present to Myself

A Rose of Thanks has sent out over 20,000 cards since Valentines Day of 2007. Opportunities just knock on the door or come as a flyer…

The Flyer happened on my birthday in NYC after seeing Katy Perry at the Today Show concert series. I went to Trump Tower Grille for Lunch and then went down to Ground Zero. Figure since I was down there I would go to where they are proposing to build the Mosque. I go to park Ave and there it is. There were reporters cameras and a gentleman being interviewed. As I was leaving there was a guy handing out Flyers so I took one. and it Read

The Mosque
The Compromise and Why.

as the title It was written by the person who passed out the original letter that spread the word that the mosque was being built. At the bottom of the page was the phone numbers for:

The NY Governor, The Archbishop of NYC, His, and The First Lady of the USA… yep that’s what I said no way.

I remember reading that one of the 1st Lady’s missions was supporting military family so after I got back to Charlotte, I figured what the Heck I have nothing to lose. I called the Number and the person answered the phone 1st Lady’s office.

All from a flyer I got on my Birthday! 

She KISSED the card!

Yes!  This is Audrina from the Hills… and YES, she DID kiss one of A Rose of Thanks cards for our troops!