Thanking Our Soldiers For Defending The U.S. and Us!

Welcome to A Rose of Thanks!

Our goal is to send every US Armed Service Member in the Gulf Region a Thank You Card, to show them they are loved, missed, and appreciated for defending the U.S. and us. This is just the starting point. Everyday for these servicemen and women should be a day of thanks. It is because of their sacrifice that we can still be free to live in the greatest country in the world.


10 minutes VS 24/7/365

10 minutes to write a letter to say hi and we are thinking about you, versus, the 24/7/365 life and death situations these men and women are going through everyday to defend the freedoms we enjoy.

During an hour long TV show there are between 16 and 20 minutes of commercials.

Think about this, if each one of us would take just 17 minutes a month to write a note to our troops, no serviceman or woman would ever go without receiving a piece of mail to let them know they are being thought of.

How do I know there are 16 -20 minutes of commercials?  I work at night and sometimes I miss my favorite TV show Grey’s Anatomy, when I get home I watch it online and according to the timeline it is between 43-45 minutes long and there are 2 minutes of commercials online.

From the soldiers of Charlie 478, thank you for the cards, the prayers and all you do to help the community and the soldiers

-- 1st Sergeant Phillip P.

AROT in Action

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Matt, I have some neighbors wanting to donate some candy to soldiers would this be something you could add to your boxes?
I can put you in contact with her if you could use it.
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100,000 Letters for Christmas

October 31, 2016, 8:00am - November 13, 2016, 6:00pm

Nothing does more for the spirit of a Soldier, Airman, Marine or Sailor than a letter that simply says... Thank You... We would like to gather 100,000 letters for our troops stationed overseas, for the holidays. We honestly want every proud American to write one, and this campaign would be an amazing start. We are also still collecting hygiene items, care package items and donations as well. We are asking you guys to tell your companies, your friends, your churches and your communities about this campaign. The actual latest date will be the 19th of December to have them delivered in time. For further details on how you can become involved, please contact our Outreach Coordinator at: Curtis L. Drafton curtis@aroseofthanks.org 404-477-4414 You may also visit www.aroseofthanks.org Feel free to print this event out and post it or share our link. Thank you all so much and may God continually bless you all!

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just got this via email. thank you to everyone who has helped A Rose of Thanks this summer Vans Warped Tour, Curtis Drafton, Fran, Samantha, Sabrina, Christina, Kathryn & little Jamie!

Good afternoon Sir. About three days ago we received your packages, thank you very much Sir you are too kind. I immediately shared the goods with my Soldiers within the Command Cell and throughout the building. Sir, we trolley appreciated the packages. I personally walked throughout the building and handed out every last card that was sent to us. In my organization we work side by side with sister services such as Marines, Navy and Airforce Service Members. We also work with coalition partners from across the world. Everyone appreciated the cards and goodies. We are extremely thankful for your support. Sir, as for myself, I have served for nearly 13 years. I enlisted as Blackhawk, UH-60, helicopter mechanic. During my first deployment I submitted my Officer packet, and was selected to serve as an Infantry Officer. I've served as an Infantry Platoon Leader, Assistant S3, Executive Officer, battle captain, battle major and now as a Company Commander. I have logged 26 Airborne jumps. I have jumped out of C-130s, C-17s Uh-60s and CH-47s. It definitely takes a toll on your body. I've attached a picture of me as a platoon leader in a previous deployment and a picture of me in my change of command. Thank you again for all of your support. I appreciate as well as the troops. Airborne!!!!
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