Thanking Our Soldiers For Defending The U.S. and Us!

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How You Can Help

Your business, organization or school can partner with A Rose of Thanks (A.R.O.T.) on simple events such as a card, letter and supply drive which take only a day or two to plan and or a larger event such as a military appreciation drive of supplies and support.

Our main mission is to put a written card of thanks and hope into the hands of as many of our deployed servicemen and servicewomen as possible while they are away from us on orders overseas.
We also wish to enlighten their spirits with spiritual materials to let them know we are praying for their safety and care about their spiritual well-being.

Finally, but not in the least of our mission, we want to provide necessary items in care packages that many go without and may be deemed necessary for their health, along with the comforts of home. 
If you have not thought about sending Care Package specific items for our female troops you are not alone. We find that often times our servicewomen are overlooked due to the circulation of outdated traditional care package lists. What would you send to our female troops you ask: well the same things you would send to the guys with one major exception:

They need certain items specific to being a woman: so feminine body washes, baby wipes and shampoos are a given.  However, with the PX/BX closing or not carrying enough inventory Feminine Products of all kinds are being requested. Click HERE to see our list of feminine care package needs, as well as a general list of supply needs and events we currently have listed to fill some of those needs.

*They also like receiving cards and letters from home too!

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Collection Drive for Our troops

April 24, 2017, 4:00pm - April 24, 2017, 9:00pm

A Rose of Thanks is gearing up for our 100 Care package drive by having a 2 day collection drive at Jersey Mikes on North Tryon in Charlotte, NC. Monday and Tuesday April 24 & 25 from 4pm-9pm Bring by any of the following Items: Feminine Products Shampoos/body washes tooth paste/toothbrushes floss baby wipes snacks ie beef jerky, nuts, raisins, trail mix, lance crackers books magazines hand written letters & we will have A Rose of Thanks cards their

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