I 40 for 40, Flight 93 Memorial Fundraiser

October 10, 2011

The 40 heroes of Flight 93!

I have a plan to raise money for the Flight 93 Memorial. DID YOU KNOW IT IS THE ONLY 9/11 MEMORIAL NOT FULLY FUNDED!  I am going to drive I 40 from Wilmington, NC to Barstow,  CA then to LA to Shanksville, PA and finishing in Charlotte, NC the goal is to get people to donate an amount per mile if you donate

1 cent per Mile                                     $   25.55
5 cents per mile                                       127.76
10 cents per mile                                     255.51
25 cents per mile                                    638.75
40 cents per mile                                1,022.80

If we get schools to get students to bring a quarter dime and nickel to school we would take that as well.  40 cents a student adds up if it is just schools along I 40.  if corporations along I 40 donated 40 cents per employee.

When preliminary run this Fall leaving NC on or near 11/11/11 and returning by 11/22/11. then an annual run leaving Wilmington, NC on my birthday  8/27 NOTE:  My birthday is the same birthday as the co pilot on Flight 93

What: Annual Drive of the I 40 Route, 2555.1 miles

Why to Raise Awareness of the heroics of the passengers & crew of Flight 93. & help fund the Flight 93 National Memorial.   & raise funds for flight 93 Memorial.

Who I am going to drive it this fall by myself and next year I plan to get others to drive 40 people to drive 67 miles each!

We can do this together!

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