Birthday Present to Self…

September 23, 2010

A Rose of Thanks has sent out over 20,000 cards since Valentines Day of 2007. Opportunities just knock on the door or come as a flyer…

The Flyer happened on my birthday in NYC after seeing Katy Perry at the Today Show concert series. I went to Trump Tower Grille for Lunch and then went down to Ground Zero. Figure since I was down there I would go to where they are proposing to build the Mosque. I go to park Ave and there it is. There were reporters cameras and a gentleman being interviewed. As I was leaving there was a guy handing out Flyers so I took one. and it Read

The Mosque
The Compromise and Why.

as the title It was written by the person who passed out the original letter that spread the word that the mosque was being built. At the bottom of the page was the phone numbers for:

The NY Governor, The Archbishop of NYC, His, and The First Lady of the USA… yep that’s what I said no way.

I remember reading that one of the 1st Lady’s missions was supporting military family so after I got back to Charlotte, I figured what the Heck I have nothing to lose. I called the Number and the person answered the phone 1st Lady’s office.

All from a flyer I got on my Birthday!

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